Newsletter February 2018


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School Newsletter - February 2018

Chinese New Year
We are all excited and looking forward to our
Annual Chinese New Year Celebration
which will be held on Saturday February 17th.

All Kung Fu and Tai Chi (students only - no guests) should plan to attend.

In all kung fu schools, it is a custom for students to give a monetary gift in the form of a red envelope to their teachers for Chinese New Year. The Chinese Red Envelope is simply the most appropriate way to give a “gift” to support the school and show gratitude and appreciation towards your teachers. Every Tai Chi student planning to attend should see Michelle or Yoli for a red envelope and Kung Fu students should see Sihing Dave for their red envelope.

Chinese New Year stands out as one of the most important times of the year to the school, Sigung and Sifu Sara. As a result, all the students, as well as visiting teacher’s and students, come together to enjoy food, lion dancing, each other, and most importantly kung fu & tai chi.

If you have not registered yet, please click on the link below for more information and for your free automatic registration to be processed. Registration must be completed by every Kung Fu & Tai Chi student attending in order to get an accurate head count for food and special event souvenirs.
We look forward to celebrating "Year of the Dog" with all our students!
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