Newsletter June 2018


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School Newsletter - June 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
When can a student start learning weapons in the kung fu program?
A student can start learning weapons once they get their white sash by simply adding on our Tuesday and Thursday weapons program. The first weapon taught is our double short sticks. ALL weapons must be ordered through the school. The double short sticks are $35.

Are there videos the students can watch to help with learning?
Yes, students should subscribe to our Youtube Channel, Chesapeake Kung Fu. We provide videos on classes, forms, and drills. We would like to emphasize that these videos are tools to help practice what is being taught in class only. According the the Wu De Code of Conduct, "advancing is at the discretion of the teacher, not the student. Understand that sometimes routine instruction is for your own good as it allows you to become proficient at the art. The instruction that you receive is designed to help you navigate the correct concepts of the art." Also, make sure you take time to ponder the information in the Sifu Chats and Tai Chi Chats which highlight the most important lessons on how to be a great student.
About Kung Fu
Three Steps To Learning Forms
  1. You must first "burn the moves into memory"
  2. You then flow through the form and burn it into the body's memory
  3. Once you can flow through the form with ease, it is time to start to really practice the form and bring it to life
Last month we spoke about how to "burn the moves into memory." This month we would like to continue with:

2. Burn Into The Body's Memory:
Once you "burn the moves into memory" your next step is to work on the flow until you can do all the moves smoothly and without pause. You need to be able to flow through the form as if all the moves were connected as one move. Although each move is independent, they should all string together and connect to each other. All moves should come out natural and habitual and not performed as a robotic memorization.
There is an old saying, "flow the form 1000 times and your body will move naturally."
The student needs to work on getting the flow of the form first and not worry about the energy, speed, or power during phase two of - "burning the moves into the body's memory."
---- to be continued....
About Tai Chi
What many people do not realize is that Tai Chi is not limited to health and fitness only. It is a style of Chinese martial arts. There are over 300 plus styles of Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi is one of them. They were all originally designed for effective use in combat. Over the years Tai Chi has made a smooth and natural transition from a martial art style to a health building style primarily due to its slow, soft, and graceful movements along with its low impact on the body. As a result, the practice of Tai Chi has become very well known for promoting longevity and helping to accelerate healing. However, this is only one section of its practice. You will also develop your mind, will, calm attitude, balance and strength along with developing an awareness and understanding of self protection.