Newsletter November 2018


Shaolin Kung Fu Centers

School Newsletter - November 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Shaolin training philosophy?
The Shaolin training philosophy is to build strength and develop inner peace through real Kung Fu training. They beleive that a strong body will lead to a strong mind and strong spirit. Therefore we train the body to become strong and in return this weaponizes the body, making it strong not only against physical attacks but against illness, stress and mental fatigue. The teaching emphasizes moral development as well as physical training, stressing values like respect, courage, tolerance, and reverence for life while building endurance, perseverance, discipline, and a calm disposition.
About Kung Fu
What are some of the benefits of Kung Fu training?
Kung Fu training will get you stronger and in shape faster while improving your health and fitness. By health, we mean not only being free from illness, but the ability to sleep soundly, to work energetically, to think clearly, and to be calm yet alert. By fitness, we mean not just physical strength, but the ability to react quickly, to endure hard work, and to concentrate without mental fatigue. Kung Fu training will also help develop mental toughness not only for physical self-defense but mental and emotional self-defense against everyday stresses and anxiety. In today's fast pace and high pressure world the need for psychological self-defense is perhaps even more important than the need to actually fight, but mental toughness is a skill that is only acquired through real training.
About Tai Chi
What is the first thing you should try to learn to do in Tai Chi?
The first thing you should learn is how to let go of your tension in the body, especially around the neck, shoulders and chest area. These are areas that are prone for storing daily stress and lead to all kinds of ailments. Your body has a direct effect on how you feel and think. If there is discomfort in the physical body, the mind will in return be affected. The key element to remember is to let go of the tension in the body. When the tension in the body is released the mind can become calm, allowing the body to strengthen and heal itself. The slow movements in Tai Chi will help you focus your mind on your breath while at the same time using more muscles, which will force more blood flow through the body improving your circulation and muscle tone. It is a slow process in which the journey should be enjoyed as the body transforms slowly and leads you to gain all the benefits of greater strength, better health and competent skills in Tai Chi.