Newsletter October 2018


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School Newsletter - October 2018

About The School
New School Jackets
Jackets are in the school color and come in two style - mesh lining and fleece lining, screened with front good luck logo
and school name on the back:

Mesh Lining Fabric:
  • 2.8 oz., abrasion-resistant 100% nylon taslan shell with polyurethane coating for enhanced wind- and water-resistance
  • 2.95 oz., 100% polyester dyed-to-match tricot big hole mesh lining in body
  • 1.7 oz., 100% polyester taffeta lining in sleeves
Fleece Lining Fabric:
  • 2.8 oz., abrasion-resistant 100% nylon taslan shell with polyurethane coating for enhanced wind- and water-resistance
  • 6.34 oz., 100% polyester 100 weight Dyed-to-match microfleece lining
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About Tai Chi
Many people believe that Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan are the same thing, but in reality they are not. Tai Chi is a Taoist philosophy that has been around in China for over 4000 years. Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art style based on the concepts of the Taoist philosophy Tai Chi and it goes back only around 1000 years.
Tai Chi Chuan is classified as an internal martial art, meaning that the muscular strength is less important for correct practice than balance, relaxation and flexibility. Its movements are continuous and unbroken, there are circles within lines and structure with formlessness. The center is balanced and the movements are coordinated with energy in a harmonious yet dynamic way, as the practitioner strives to allow his chi, or vital energy, to flow freely through his body.
Tai Chi Chuan can be broken down into three parts - internal strength, Taoist philosophy and self defense (martial art). The internal strength provides the necessary power needed for the martial art techniques, while the Taoist philosophy provides the necessary insights and strategies needed to develop the internal strength and understanding of the principles that guide the martial art techniques. Tai Chi Chuan requires diligent practice just like any other Chinese martial art. There are no secrets or short cuts.
About Kung Fu
The best place to start your journey in kung fu is through the basics. There are basic punches, basic kicks and basic stretches, but the true foundation to kung fu lies in the strength and stability of your basic stances. This is the area that new students have the most difficulty in. It is important for a new student to try to understand how to perform each stance posture correctly. Correct structure will help develop and strengthen your legs. As a new student you should never underestimate the true value of “STANCE TRAINING.”
The quality of your stances will determine the final quality of your kung fu. If you take away good strong stances you will render your kung fu useless. Therefore, it is safe to say that "without proper stance work there is no kung fu."