Newsletter September 2018


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School Newsletter - September 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
Will Kung Fu training help my focus?
It is a proven fact that focus and awareness are enhanced through exercises that require the mind and body to work as one and Kung Fu has been used as a method of training the mind to focus for centuries. Kung Fu trains the body and the mind to understand the science behind movements. Although it teaches how to move naturally to control and dominate an attacker, you cannot overlook the effects it will have on your life as a whole. Kung Fu will train the mind and body to work as one. "One thought one action." Therefore, it will build tremendous reflexes and sharpens general awareness and focus, important elements needed for everyday life. Through practice you will come to realize that training is more of a way of life than just a means of self defense.
About Kung Fu
Is Kung Fu only external or does it have internal aspects like Tai Chi?
First you need to understand that all kung fu (if it is a traditionally authentic style) will include both elements (hard/external and soft/internal) when it comes to generating real power (force). People usually refer to hard or external strength as forceful visible strength and soft or internal strength as non-visible strength. True kung fu training should develop real power (force) and when delivered, it should not be so obvious except for the person getting struck. This is why they say that “the maximum effect should be accomplished through a minimum amount of effort.” Here in the west we are much more familiar with the non-Chinese striking arts where they focus primarily on physical force but that should never be confused with the Chinese arts. In the Chinese arts (kung fu) there are no absolutes. This goes against the basic yin/yang principles that all styles use to govern their techniques. You cannot be completely yin or yang, but instead you must comprise both. All kung fu styles (if learned in their entirety) will incorporate both areas of hard/external and soft/internal. You cannot be too hard or too soft to be effective in any combat situation.
About Tai Chi
How hard should you train in Tai Chi?
There is no short cut when it comes to Tai Chi. You just have to continuously try it and play around with it until you get to know it. When it comes to Tai Chi practice, people think they have to “train” hard in order to get good at it. Yes, getting good at Tai Chi requires a lot of time and practice but we can not focus on the word “train.” Instead we want to play and enjoy the process. It is what the Chinese call “wan.” According to the Chinese definition, the word “wan” means to “play, enjoy” but also includes to research, to savor and to understand. Therefore, Tai Chi cannot be trained but instead it must be played and enjoyed while trying to research, feel and understand each movement. It is a slow process in which the journey should be enjoyed as the body transforms slowly and leads you to gain all the benefits of greater strength, better health and competent skills in Tai Chi.